About Me

In 2011, I became the father of a wonderful little daughter nugget who has changed my life in all sorts of extraordinary ways…with a woman who changed my life in all sorts of negative ways. I tried very hard to keep the balance right and fix things, but it was just too much. In 2014 I left her, and began a nearly 5 year battle for custody.

My ex is truly a piece of work. I found out all sorts of things that sound like a Dateline or 20/20 episode, and the more I discovered the more horrified I was. I absolutely had to protect my daughter from her, because I didn’t want my daughter to grow up to be the same way. During this process, we set legal precedent and went down the rabbit hole in ways I never thought possible. During this whole experience, I was subjected to and learned about all sort of alien terms like 733, Minor’s Counsel, PPA’s, 2-2-5 custody plans, etc. Sound familiar? In the end, despite my ex causing all sorts of problems and throwing baseless accusations at me, I maintained a 50/50 custody split when she was asking for approximately 8% custodial time for me.

To this day, I never forget the hell I went through – the sleepless nights, the PTSD every time I walked into court, having to look at my daughter every time I had her and wondering if she’d be taken away despite my being an excellent father…it could ruin the most stable person, and I was determined to never let this happen to anyone if I could help prevent it.

I’ve done enough legal, emotional, and parenting twists and turns that I know the ins and outs of the legal system, judges, and the process we sometimes are subjected to. I’m excited to lend my expertise to others to get them back on track.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my daughter and I are doing great, thank you very much. And in the end, that’s what I’m most proud of. It’s been worth every single moment.